Registration Fee

Rs 200


first round is a cutting round the candidates must complete their task in 10 minutes. Second round is a starter & snacks round 30 minutes are allotted to candidates. Third round is hot sweet in which we give importance to payasam the type of payasam they have to make is revealed only at the time of competition. The last round is big dish in which a rice item, a dessert, and the salad has to be made by the candidates.

Rules and Regulations

  • 1.out of ten team only two will be promoted to final round
  • 2.Use of mobile phones are not allowed
  • 3.Decesion by the judges are final
  • 4. Candidates must behave in disciplined manner


  • Arathi : +918304814122
  • Sonu Joseph John: +918075977176

Prizes Worth