MILANO - Fashion Show

Registration Fee

Rs 1000


This is an opputunity where you can form up to showcase your style to the world.

Rules and Regulations

  • 1. Theme for the event can be selected by the group.
  • 2. There can be only one entry per college.
  • 3. Since this is a group event, the group can include 15-22 members (this must include all participants and choreographer, coordinators if so).
  • 4. Each team must prepare their soundtrack to be played in a CD or USB and must hand it to the event heads as soon as possible.
  • 5. Each group will be allotted a time limit of 10-15 minutes. Negative marking will be done if this time limit is exceeded.
  • 6. Any indecency in costumes or perfomance by the members will not be tolerated.
  • 7. The group will be awarded marks based on their COSTUME STYLE, THEME, ATTITUDE, CONFIDENCE


  • KEVIN ANIL THOMAS : 9207109826
  • EBIN JOSEPH : 9400044304

Prizes Worth