PECCADILLO-Debugging competition

Registration Fee(per team)

Rs 150


Show your skills in debugging and circuit program
Round1:The team members are required to write a aptitude test & 15 teams will be selected to round2.
Round 2:A simple circuit with faults will be provided & 6 teams will be selected to round 3.
Round 3:"Be the master of your brain".Have to solve a circuit with more faults & 3 teams will be selected to the final ground.
Round 4:"The magic of a single board microcontroller-ARDUINO".Debug and wireup the provided Arduino circuit. The team which debug the circuit in a lower time will be the winners.

Rules and Regulations

  • 1.maximum no: of participants per team should be three.
  • phones and other electronic devices are not allowed.
  • 3.the components required will be provided to the team.
  • 4.the basic knowledge of digital and analog circuit is necessary.
  • 5.the decision of judges shall be treated as final.
  • 6.participants should have their college id cards.


  • Reuben George Mathai -7907826525
  • Akhila Ann kuruvilla-8547536365

Prizes Worth