Registration Fee

Rs 70


*Nakshatra 2K19* *EAGLE FOOT 3**3

Rules and Regulations

  • 1. Maximum number of teams per college is three
  • 2. Maximum number of participants per team is 4 including rolling substitution
  • 3. Maximum time limit is 8 minutes (4+4)
  • 4.Substitution can be made when ball is in dead situation
  • 5. Players are not allowed to shoot the ball towards the upper portion of the body.Those who get warning twice in row will not allowed to play for next 30 seconds.
  • 6. Direct kicks towards the goal post is considered as goal
  • 7.Out kicks are taken by foot.
  • 8.Players are not allowed to stand inside the penalty area of10 seconds
  • 9.Only captains are allowed to contact the committee for queries and complaints.
  • 10. Referee's decision is final


  • Don Christin : 8593919647
  • Nikhil Antony : 94969 66853

Prizes Worth