Break the Code

Registration Fee

Rs 100


“Codes have always remained a mystery till date. Not everyone can solve a mystery efficiently. Those who solves tend to conquer the world with their talents. Do you have what it takes to become the conqueror of codes. If yes, then here we provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent before the world. “

Rules and Regulations

  • 1. Preliminary round is conducted if there is more than 10 teams present. Prelims will contain MCQ question from programming aspects.
  • 2. This round is based on your programming skills. You will need to obtain a desired output using any programming language (C,C++,Java,Python,Javascript)
  • 3. This is the final round and each team are given a real life problem and they need to solve the problem using a particular language.


  • Harikrishnan A :9074867399
  • Sooraj S :9495380585

Prizes Worth