Registration Fee

Rs 150


The first round will be the prelims .If atleast 5 contestants have registered we will hold the Prelims.In this round the patticipants can prepare a dance and perform that and the best team is selected to the next.The second is the Final round which has 2 subrounds in it .

Rules and Regulations

  • 1. The first round is the prelims in which participants have to dance with their own mix of songs which last two and a half minutes.after this round four participants will be shortlisted.
  • 2. The sub round is the Property Round where 8 unique properties will be kept on stage out of which the contastant should use atleast 3.
  • 3. The final one in which we will be giving a mix of songs and the participants have to dance to that .
  • 4. Judges decision is final.


  • Gokul Rajesh. : 9400723988
  • Namitha Susan John : 7034089397

Prizes Worth