Best Choreo

Registration Fee

Rs 100/head


Dance, the performing art form of aesthetic and symbolic value is back again! Sparkle ur moves and discover the fire in u through the prime event of nk19 The "Best Choreo".It's all about the talent ,it's all about the right moves,it's all about the right opportunity! So never miss this Fabulous opportunity!

Rules and Regulations

  • 1. Six persons will be selected from preliminaries to the final rounds.
  • 2. Participants can select either English or Malayalam as the language to communicate during their performance but if the judges demand for English in any rounds , then their demand is to be followed.
  • 3. Candidates must behave in disciplined manner.
  • 4.Decision made by the judges will be final.
  • 5.Participants must report on the specified time itself ,else will result in elimination.


  • Firaz Abdul Samad :8590210323
  • Riswana Salim :7907119809

Prizes Worth