Mr N' Ms Nakshatra

Registration Fee

Rs 150


The event is a two day event. First day preliminary rounds will be conducted from which 6 participants (3 males and 3 females)will be selected.The prelims include JAM, Group Discussion and written test (aptitude and GK). On the second day,the finals will be conducted with the selected 6 participants will compete in the finals.(no semifinals) The finals include self introduction, instant story building(slideshow and property),game round, talent round, marketing skills,stress interview and situation reasoning. The best performing male and female will be chosen and will be declared as Mr and Ms NAKSHATRA.Others will be gifted with a small token of love and appreciation.

Rules and Regulations

  • 1. Six persons will be selected from preliminaries to the final rounds.
  • 2. Participants can select either English or Malayalam as the language to communicate during their performance but if the judges demand for English in any rounds , then their demand is to be followed.
  • 3. Candidates must behave in disciplined manner.
  • 4. Decision made by the judges will be final.
  • 5.Participants must report on the specified time itself ,else will result in elimination.


  • Amala Biju : 7025267955
  • Nishal Koshy Philip : 9544508538

Prizes Worth